The Mom

Hi!  I am Siobhan.

Yeah, that’s spelled right.  My name is spelled Siobhan, but it’s pronounced Sha-von.  It fits me, slightly different but totally logical if you know how it works (in this case Gaelic).

I grew up outside of Sacramento, Ca, lived in the Monterey Bay area during and post college, moved back to Sacramento briefly, then got a wild hair and moved to Alaska.  I loved Alaska.  LOVED.  I don't love the distance from Sacramento though, so I moved back in 2012.

When I lived in Monterey I had the amazing chance to live every little girls dream and work for the SLEWTHS project as a Sea Lion Trainer.  They are phenomenal and you should give them money, since they're not for profit.  And they do a lot of good work.  Seriously. (No, they are not paying me to say that.)

When I had my daughter and moved back to Sacramento, I had to change careers (no marine mammals in SacTown).  For some crazy reason a Big Computer Company hired me and I've been working for them ever since.  Now I help people with MDMs and Servers.  

So there is my quick life story.  Summary is, I'm awesome.