Thursday, May 17, 2012


Last summer we went to my Aunt's moms 80th birthday party.  Jo really knows how to host a party; great food, wonderful mariachi band, and amazing people.  It was fun.  But really, I remember the day as being fairly stressful.  Not stressful because of anything anyone else was doing, but just a time of my life where I wasn't handling some situations well.  Perri was 2.5 and all over the place, but I was also dealing with prepping to move to Alaska, visiting Monterey for the last time before leaving, running out of gas on the side of 280, etc.

So a few days ago, I was on my aunts Facebook page and I saw this picture for the first time, it was from that party.

And I love it.

I look much more relaxed than I felt, which makes me happy.

I need to keep this in mind when I get frustrated with my little darling.

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