Saturday, March 3, 2012


Yes, seriously.  In Alaska there is a town called Chickaloon.

I was so amused by the name that we decided to take an adbenture there.  It was a long drive, where we stopped may times to take various awesome pictures or to just look around long enough to get a little chilly.

We stopped for lunch in Sutton, at the Pinnacle Mountain RV Park.  It is also a campground, a restaurant, a grocer, and a farm!  It was definitely unexpected to find llamas, alpacas, goats, chickens, turkeys, and bunnies at the little roadside stop.  The also have an amazing tractor collection, that kids can play on, you know, when it's not under 4 feet of snow...  Perri was thrilled at seeing all of the animals, until the turkeys got a little to close for her liking, they were huge and trying to be friends quite fast.

Anyways, here are some of the day's pictures.

***Disclaimer:  When I was taking photos in the car, I was stopped.  There is no need to worry.***

Sunrise on our way out (at 9am).

Playing me music at lunch.

One of the hilarious "tractor drivers" covered in snow.

The VERY friendly animals.

Perri and I.

The moon was amazing.

I found a Pyramid.

A Moose.  Perri named her Cocoa and told me she's from Hawai'i.

Click on this to see it bigger.  I made it using the DMD iPhone App.

Playing in Palmer.

She can not sit still when there is fresh snow.  It's impossible.

I'm still awed by the moon.

I took all of these on my iPhone and while that camera is awesome, it does leave something to be desired.  Especially when it comes to the pictures of this phenomenal scenery.  These mountains are making me desire a better camera even more than I already was....


  1. NO. The pictures are still incredible!! So awesome all the little adbentures you guys are going on. Perri is one lucky little lady. As usual, miss you mucho. Lots of love (and some SD sunshine) sent your way! I'll miss you this St. Patty's day!!!

    1. Oh Thank You GP! I love when you comment :)

      And I was just thinking about our St. Patty's Day and how much I need to come and visit you again! I hear SD is paradise right now :)

      Miss ya love.