Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thunderhead Falls & Eklutna Lake

Perri and I went to Thunderhead Falls at some point since we've been here (I think last weekend?).

She was quite a pill & tried throwing anything possible over the edge of the gorge for the Falls, including my camera.  Needless to say we didn't stay there long.

This was when she was stuck in the backpack since she wasn't listening.  You can see I then had to carry the other backpack on the front...  We might need more practice before going on a long hike...

After we left we turned right to see if we could have fun (and a better attitude) at Eklutna Lake.  Even though it was only about 60 degrees Perri adored playing in the lake.

I made sure she had her rainboots on and she made sure she splashed way past those. Thank goodness I always pack extra clothes.

Very fun lake & I think we will go there camping sometime before the snow hits.

More pictures here!

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