Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monterey Visit.

We got the chance to go to Monterey and visit some of our favorite people; the Lab, the Barnums, and Kristin!

First stop was Target to pick up all the little things I forgot.  Perr found this hat, put it on right away, and I just couldn’t resist!  It’s just so freaking cute, plus she’s willing to wear it so I got it.  Already she’s worn it a bunch, well worth it!

The Lab (my old career) was at the Santa Cruz Fair so Perri and I got to catch a show.  The show we saw was Cali and Ariel (the 2 “babies”) and I was in awe through the whole thing.  Those 2 girls have grown up so much and come so far since I last worked with them, it was great to see all of the new things they now know.  


Afterwards, Perri and I got to play ball with Cali and then get a kiss.  Though Perr loves playing ball with Kirby she wasn’t totally keen on the idea of playing fetch with a sea lion, but she tried it anyways.  I’m sure she’ll love it more later on.  I mean seriously, who doesn’t love playing water polo with sea lions?


That evening Kristin joined Perr and I for dinner at Lalla’s and dessert at Rosine’s.   Perri is definitely at the toddler stage where dinner in a restaurant is not an easy feat, so thank God I have friends who will still have dinner with me even with an unruly hooligan.  

The next morning, Perr and I went to breakfast and the park with Sara, Landon, and Troy’s mom and brother.  Another meal out with a toddler who lacks in patience, but it went well.  We sat on the patio at Running Iron in Carmel Valley so Perr could run around some.  After an amazing breakfast, the group of us went down to the park to play for a while.  Both Landon and Perri adored playing on the swings.



Since we have a little slide in our backyard, Perri knows all about slides and loves going down them.  I have a problem though.  I tend to forget when we’re going to a park that she will want to go down the bigger slides.  Thus, I tend to forget to put shorts/pants/leggings on so that she will slide smoothly.  It is quite amusing to hear the squeaks as she tries to go down slides, but the poor little rash she gets afterwards isn’t funny.  Thank goodness Sara is a prepared mom.  She’s one of those good ones that carries all the right things with her (instead of me who forgets nearly everything), so she had the little travel sized baby powder right in her bag.  I need to put one in my car because once Perri was powdered up she flew right down those big girl slides, giggling the entire way down.  The giggles really are much better than the squeaks.

To wrap up the fun morning in the park, we got cupcakes with Candy at Pastries and Petals.  Perri’s strawberry cupcake was the perfect thing to wrap up our quick Monterey weekend!  And she really enjoyed it much more than this picture shows. 

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