Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Portage Glacier Cruise.

On Sunday we (Gamma, Perri, and I) went on a short day cruise to visit a few glaciers.  We drove down to Whittier, about an hour away, and then we hopped on a boat.  It was a quick and easy trip down there, then worked perfectly to get right on the boat.  
Over all Perri was well behaved and didn’t have to many toddler moments.  Though thank goodness everyone was thinking she was the cutest thing ever, so when she was being a pill everyone around us took it in stride.  I do have to say that the backpack that Beth made us is the best thing ever.  I wore Perri (who is now 40 lbs) on my back most of the 5 hour cruise and I was fine.  It was incredibly comfortable!!  And it makes for adorable pictures.

Anyways, I put quite a few pictures in this update, but the rest are here. Enjoy!

The three of us!  (PS My mom is the best ever.  Just FYI.)

There we’re people kayaking really close to that HUGE waterfall/Glacier, so our Captain made some jokes about how they were candidates for the Darwin Awards .

Then our Captain told us a story of some people who went kayaking through that cave/canyon thing.

Then this happened, a VERY large piece fell right where we were talking about.  Trust me: I will never be kayaking through a Glacier.

Then our bartender went fishing for some ice and made Glacier Margaritas.  Yes, I’m serious.  And yes, I had one.  It was awesome.

This was just pretty.

My kid is freakin cute.

She was making sure my lips were warm.  She did it herself, seriously.

Yep, I still love Alaska.

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