Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Photo Dump. And some sort of an Update.

Ok, so here are a few small summaries and pictures.  And then an Alaskan update at the end.

Monterey in June 2011
We took a very quick trip to Monterey to visit everyone before leaving to Alaska.  It included a stop by the Lab, a visit with Bri, a visit with Crin, a First Awakenings breakfast, Dennis the Menace Park with Troy, and a visit with The Skrovan’s.  It was too fast, I was hoping to make it down once more before heading to Alaska, but that didn’t happen.  So this quick trip will have to do.  And more pictures are here...
A Sake kiss at the Lab.

Playing with Troy.

Perri and Noah playing with the snake.

The Trio.

Sprinkler PlayDate
We had another playdate with the Christensen gang (also in June before I left).  We (the Mom’s) sat and drank coffee while the kids played in the sprinkler and on the swing.  It was fantastic.   Pictures.
All 4 hooligans.

Osborn Dinner
(Yet again in June...)  We planned on having a nice relaxing dinner at Meghan and David’s house, but David ended up finding a rather large rattlesnake in the chicken coop.  So our relaxing evening started with quite the bang.  Everything turned out well, Rendy came rushing over to help out, but it was definitely exciting!  The pictures are here.

Now, an update.
(I am tired, so this will probably be all over the place.  You’ve been warned.)
I arrived to Anchorage on July 16th, I came straight to Alaska instead of going to Hawaii.  I was only slightly bummed about not going to Hawaii, overall I’m glad I had the chance to get to know this town a little more.  Plus I found a place to live, so when my mom and Perri followed me up on the 20th we weren’t bumming on a corner.  I think the place we’ve got will only be temporary, since it is sooo freaking small!! It’s perfect for now though, and it’s even kind of furnished.  (At least I think 3 camp chairs and a coffee table counts as being furnished.)  It is right in the middle of downtown, so I can walk to everything, work included!  I also got a car, it’s a Mercury Mountaineer which I think will be perfect for some car camping trips.  I am still working on finding childcare, my hours at work aren’t 100% yet so I am not sure which daycare I can have her go to.  Hopefully that will all be settled tomorrow though.  This town is FULL of parks and play areas, so Perri is really seeming to like it so far.  She likes being out and walking around the city, and she’s especially liked listening to the music downtown.  Overall I am LOVING Anchorage and Alaska in general.  It is truly amazing.

More pictures and info to come!!

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