Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh dear...

Holy moly, real life is flying by and I have so much I want to do that this poor little blog is getting the short end of the stick.  I just realized the last post had lots of promise for pictures, but I never actually finished editing them, so I never actually published them.  Oops!!  Maybe I’ll catch up that eventually, I’m not making anymore promises though!

This weekend we went to the Scottish Games with Beth and my mom.  Good times we’re had by all.  Lots of music, dancing, food, running around, and not a lot of pictures.  

Ok, now I’ve given up on catching up on the big things.  I’m going for the amusing little stories.   

Terri taught Perri how to say Happy Mothers Day.  And then my mom thought to record it onto her iPhone and texted it to me.  Once I figure out how to get it off my phone as an audio file, I’ll put it here.  It’s quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.  Especially since she doesn’t fully understand the meaning, so she was going around and telling everyone Happy Mothers Day.  Even Freddie and Rick.  Good job kid, cutest award goes to you!

I love her.  She is awesome.

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