Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Playing Catch Up.

Since I’ve fallen so far behind, I’ve decided to just do a very quick summary post with a link to the pictures of each thing (eventually).

Christmas with the Barnums: December 29-30th. Headed to Monterey to spend some time with more family.  Had Christmas V.2 with Troy, Sarah, Landon, Vic, et al.  

Train Museum: January 8th.  Visited the California Railroad Museum in Sacramento.  Fell in LOVE with trains.  

Christensen Play date:  January 15th.  Randomly had Amanda and the crew over to play, was adorable enough to take tons of pictures.

Cindy’s 60th Birthday:  January 22nd.  Played bartender for Cindy, Becky’s mother-in-law, birthday.  Had a great time.  Didn’t get to take a ton of pictures, but did make tons of Plum Drunks.

Yosemite Yurts:  January 38-30th.  Found an amazing deal for a Yurt right outside of Yosemite.  Went with Sam, Michele, Wallace, Lindsey, Chris, Perri, and I.  Pictures galore!

The Annual Tahoe Trip:  February 4-11th.  Had a week at our usual digs in South Lake, basically did nothing but relax.  It was wonderful.  And of course I took pictures of us doing nothing.

Train Museum V.2:  February 18th.  Went to the train museum again (we’re addicted), with Tiffany, Mike, and Emma.  I failed at taking any, but Tiff took some pictures.

Hair:  March 3rd.  I did a Brazilian Keratin Treatment on my hair.  It’s supposed to keep it straight for a few months.  Mine lasted until I washed it again.  Oh well, lesson learned.

San Diego: March 17-19th.  I (sans Perri) quickly visited Gina and Isis in San Diego.  Was so busy doing nothing, I took almost no pictures.  Ooops.

Luke’s 6th Birthday:  March 26th.  Enjoyed Chuck-E-Cheese for Luke’s Birthday party.  Perri adored it, she keeps asking to go back.  She loved the rides, and loved cheesing it up.

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