Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Holiday Wrap Up: Part Two

I don’t really know if this counts as a Holiday Wrap Up since it’s so far after the Holidays.  But I’m doing it anyways...
I mentioned we (Perri and I) joined Gina for Christmas Eve Breakfast and here are the pictures.  Someone (ahem, Gina...) taught Perri how to dip her pancakes in syrup and then eat them.  By hand.  Needless to say, Perri was thrilled.
Then came Christmas Eve Dinner at our house.  The gang that came included Nana, Judy, Tio, Chuck, Louise, Margaret, my Mom, Perri, and myself.  It was a small group so we were able to have an actual sit down dinner in the sunroom, since we all fit! 

After dinner Judy and Perri had a dance party, to windup before we had a slide show.  My mom has been working quite hard to convert all of my Papa’s slides to digital, so after dinner we did a small slideshow of some of the pictures.  My favorites are here!
Christmas Day
Started the morning in our pj’s opening a few presents (with Bella’s assistance) and then we FaceTime’d with Aunt Linds to wish her a Merry Christmas in San Luis Obispo.
Our family morning is always at Nana’s house for present opening and eating wayyyy to much, and this year wasn’t any different.  We relaxed in the living room, played with Bandit, ate lots of fudge, played with new toys, watched wild turkeys, tried on hats and new clothes, then played with Bandit more.  It was great!  Then we headed to Chuck and Louise’s for dinner, which was great.  Overall it was a perfect Christmas!