Monday, January 24, 2011

Holiday Wrap Up: Part One

I realize I have been slacking as a blog writer, which is made ever more pathetic since I told everyone about it and then failed to actually update.  

We have quite a few fun adventures coming up and I am planning on sharing them with everyone, so I’m figured an update first would be good.  So I’m back in the metaphorical saddle with a very brief wrap up....

Thanksgiving 2010
    The morning flew by while watching the parade, sipping coffee, and shopping the ads; then we scrambled to be on time to the Tuttle household.  We had a wonderful dinner with the family where I was so distracted and having fun that I didn’t take a single picture.  Next time.

Preston’s Golden Birthday
    Had another evening at the Tuttle home to celebrate Preston turing 15 on the 15th.  I can’t believe he’s already 15!  It’s making me feel older and I’m really not a fan of it.  He received a one piece bright blue ski suit.  And promptly put it on.  Don't worry, I've got the pictures safe for blackmail.

Visiting Gina
    One of my dear friends (and post-college housemate) Gina now lives in San Diego, but was up here for Christmas so Perri and I got the chance to visit her on Christmas Eve.  We had a few hours to catch up over a great breakfast at a little restaurant in Martinez.  I really do miss my GP, so it was perfect timing to see her again.

And I will end Part 1 of the Holiday Wrap up with two adorable pictures of Perri and Kirby.  They were breaking oh so many rules (no running around naked when it’s freezing out and no dogs on the couch being two main ones), but I couldn’t help taking a few pictures since they were being so calm, loving, and cute!

When they first noticed the camera.

And then of course she had to become cheesy since I was snapping away.

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