Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Fall Photos.

I’m always snapping pictures, primarily on my iPhone.  Sometimes I post them to Twitter (@SiobhanTwits), other times they make it onto the computer and are never seen again.  Here are some of those.

We made pumpkin pancakes one morning, and of course Perri had to wear her Halloween apron.  

She then proceeded to make faces while eating.  So classy.

Aprons are high up in the world of favorite things.  Princess dresses are a close second, this one was the one she wore on Halloween night.  
(The night she learned about Trick-Or-Treating and the night I learned candy is crack.  When she wants a piece of candy now she starts asking nicely “Canny peasee?” but instantly turns into the devil when told no.  She throws herself onto the floor, crying, screaming, pleading for more candy.  It’s ridiculous.  Needless to say I brought all of the candy to work today solely because I was sick of her tantrums about it.  I can promise candy won’t be coming around often.)

Though she has quite the love of aprons and princess dresses, none compare to her favorite jacket.  Her favorite camo jacket.  Pete and Linds got it for her ages ago (possibly before she was born), and she adores it.  And of course the only picture I have of her in it, she's eating an Oreo with her mouth wide open.  Again, so classy.

Perri and her Aunt Linds FaceTime fairly often, and now that you can use a computer to chat I can get adorable pictures like the following.  They always give each other fives and knuckles, but when it was on the phone I couldn’t get a pic of it.  Now I can.
Cutest. FaceTime. Ever.

And two final random pictures from our group Halloween party, this years theme was TV characters.  I was Xena, Becky was Ariel, Amanda was Betty Draper, and Michele was Betty Boop.  We wish Linds could have been there.

Jesse was Chuck, Wallace was Gumby, Kevin was Brian Wilson, and Sam was a Pirate.  I also have no clue why Sam wasn’t in this picture.  

Eventually I’ll post more pictures of the Halloween party, but for now enjoy.

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