Monday, October 18, 2010

The Osborn Wedding.

October really has been the month of weddings!  

Along with The Barnum wedding, we got to go to the wedding of Meghan and David Osborn.  Their wedding was held at the Flower Farm in Loomis where it rained for the majority of the day, but stopped just long enough for a quick outdoor ceremony.  Honestly though, rain is my favorite weather and in my family (and a few others I know of), it’s considered a sign of good luck if it rains on your wedding day.  Everyone really took it in stride though and everything went well.  Plus the rain didn’t stop all of the kids from playing outside for most of the evening.

The beautiful ceremony area.

Where the reception was held.

Perri running around in the rain.  Without a jacket.  I’m that kind of mom.

There were cameras on each table inside, so these three were taking pictures of anything and everything.  I’m sure Meghan now has way more pictures of Perri than she ever needed.

Denise and Perri bonded over clothes and then dancing.  Seriously though, Denise knows the way to any little girls heart; talk about their pretty dress then spin them in circles.  


Literally any party that we attend, Perri inherently knows where the ice chests are and will play in the ice for hours.  Even with it is raining and cold outside, my child can be found playing in the ice.  Again without outerwear.

The bubbles would temporarily distract her, but she always went back to the ice.

Again, whats a wedding without dancing?  Boring. You’re right.  
Thank God Meghan and David aren’t boring.  

Yes, I realize that Perri is wearing the same dress two weekends (and two weddings) in a row.  She loves that dress, and so do I.  Plus, kids clothes are expensive.  And the only connection between the two weddings was Perri and I, so no one knew.  Except I just outed us.  Oh well.

Also doing this blog, I’ve realized I really need to get more pictures of Perri and I together.  Maybe a Nikon remote is in my future?  I really think a remote would be a better investment than trying to work my self-timer, I’m clutzy enough I’d probably end up with pictures of myself tripping.

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