Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My 26th.

I had big plans for my 26th birthday.  A weekend of fun with my friends and family was the focus.  My immune system had other plans though, I ended up with the flu for 4 days.  Thank goodness I was able to have an evening of mayhem before being knocked out.

A few months ago I saw this phenomenal Michael Jackson cover band named Neverland and they were back in the area just in time for my birthday.  So we went to Chicago Fire Pizza for dinner then jumped over to the Powerhouse Pub for the band.  Since it was my birthday, the upstairs area was reserved for me and our entire group got in for free.  They even had a crown, hats, and blowers for us to be obnoxious celebrate with.  I had an amazing time, complete with dancing, singing, and hula-hooping. 

Wallace, Michele, Sam and I.
It was the next day that I was really hurting.  Initially I just thought it was a night that needed recovering from, but I never started feeling better.  After calling in sick to work on Monday, I finally found out that half of our staff had called out with the flu.  It was a tech epidemic, which I was able to laugh about since when I got back to work, on Tuesday, I had a reminder in my inbox that our store flu shots are on the 15th.  To bad it wasn’t a few weeks earlier!

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