Thursday, August 26, 2010

July and August Wrap Up.

August (and the end of July) have flown by!  

The last week of July started with Troy (Perri’s Dad), Sara (Perri’s soon-to-be-Step-Mom), and Landon (Perri’s Half-Brother) coming to visit for a few days.  Since they live in Carmel and we live here, it is not easy to get together, but we’re working on it!  We had a great time; lots of eating, playing at Folsom Zoo, and playing at Brainy Zoo.  We can’t wait to see them again!

Just a few days after that I went to Monterey with Becky to celebrate Lindsey’s Ranger Graduation.  It was a Girls Getaway and we had quite the time. We got to relax on the beach with our wine and books, get massages, and enjoy dinner at Latitudes.  Though the topper of the trip might have been our bike ride.  Becky and I stayed at the Beachcomber Inn and they’ll lend you beach cruisers so we decided to ride to First Awakenings for breakfast.  It was a great peaceful and calming way to kick off our trip.

The following week Perri and I got to go camping with most of the Usual Suspects (Becky, Jesse, Lindsey, Wallace, Michele, and Sam).  It was our 8th Annual trip, we’ve been going every year since we graduated High School.  We always try somewhere new, we always pack way to much, and we always have a TON of fun.  This year we planned on going to Glory Hole Recreation Area (yes, that’s what it’s really called) but once we arrived, we deemed it way to dangerous. The slope down to the water from our campground was insane!  It was incredibly steep and quite the distance; not somewhere for a toddler, a dog, and a bunch of people planning on drinking.  So we hopped back in the car, started driving, and found River Ranch Campground.  BEST PLACE EVER.  It was phenomenal.  Huge sites, great price, fantastic owners, and sites right on a little stream/river.  It couldn’t have been more perfect for how we wanted our weekend to go.  I will be adding pictures soon.

After camping it’s been a whirl wind of going back to work, going back to school, starting at TT’s, and the usual life stuff.  I also got called for Jury Duty and actually got put on a case!  Because of that I was out of work again for another week.  Really it feels like it’s been nuts here, but I can’t put my finger on any specific reason why.  Anyways, I think life is going to start calming down a little more around here and I’ll be able to keep this updated!!
July and August Wrap Up.
I really should have taken this picture without everyone facing into the sun. Instead I was mean and made them squint.

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